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VIDEO: The benefits of promotional clothing

Take a look at the benefits of promotional clothing. There’s so many benefits and uses. You’d be quite surprised by just how many there are!

They say a picture speaks 1000 words. We believe that a video speaks far more. So here at Stupid Tuesday we’ve put together a video detailing why you should be considering promotional clothing as part of your marketing mix.

Are you ignoring the potential of promotional clothing?

So there you have it. Have you been ignoring promotional clothing as part of your marketing up until now? Or perhaps you’ve not been paying enough attention to the…


How brands use promotional clothing

Here at Stupid Tuesday’s Clothing Store we’ve been taking a look at how brands use promotional clothing. The results are very interesting!

With the help of research done by the BPMA at Marketing Week Live, it’s clear to see just how powerful printed clothing can be for your business.

Bought by just about everyone!

A total of 91% of people surveyed use branded clothing. 63% of those people said they use it to make their staff more distinguishable. This falls into line with our own findings. The majority of customers that enquire or purchase printed clothing from Stupid Tuesday state these exact…