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Why the Clothing Store for promotional clothing?

Printed Clothing from Clothing Store

Stupid Tuesday‘s Clothing Store is a premier source of quality, promotional clothing. Whether it’s for business, sports, schools or workwear. Here you’ll find a carefully selected range of clothing. This includes t-shirts, polos, fleeces, sweatshirts, the ubiquitous hoodies, activewear and garments for the working man and woman. If you’re uncertain what may be the best option for your own company, we’ll be happy to use our expertise to help you select the best item for your promotional purposes.

We also assure you of exemplary customers service throughout the purchasing process. We’ll take you through each stage with care, understanding and knowledgeable advice.

Promotional garments

In our wardrobes most of us will have at least one item of promotional clothing, probably more. This form of promotion represents 20-25% of the total UK market. Such popularity is well-earned as printed garments are one of the most visible methods of advertising your brand, having great longevity and recall.

Design in important too, in two ways. First of all we ensure that all our garments comply with current fashion trends. Secondly, we have unrivalled design skills ‘in house’ that allow us to impose you logo, design or message in the most attractive way possible. See here for further details.

We try to make the process as simple as possible for you. We’re also rather good at what we do. We have testimonials to prove it!

Using promotional garments

Quality promotional clothing can serve a variety of purposes. At the lower end of the scale, standard t-shirts are an excellent low-value give-away. They’re one which is almost certain to be worn by the recipient and unlikely to be discarded. Or, you can deck out your own workforce with promotional clothing. This helps with reinforcing your company brand. It also ensures consistency of message every time they are in contact with customers.

Of course, they are essential when your staff are representing the corporate message. This is particularly useful at trade events and exhibitions. At the higher end of the scale, the more expensive and smart items may be the perfect way to reward loyal customers or employees.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about branded garments, think Clothing Store.